Siren, part 3

SUMMARY: There’s just something about the way Dianna walks down that hallway in The Purple Piano Project, something about the wild hair, the tattoo, and piercings that Darren can’t get get out of his system.

Rated: M (for upcoming chapters)

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                Darren awoke with a start, in cold sweat and a pair of terribly, uncomfortably tight boxer-briefs.  Half of his body was tangled in the sheets while the other half hung off the side of the bed, along with his pillows and his glasses.

                Darren groaned, rubbing his eyes and trying to adjust to the light streaking through the flimsy white curtains. They weren’t doing much for keeping the light out of the room and certainly not doing any good for the throbbing headache he was experiencing. He unsteadily pulled himself onto the bed, only to fall to the floor completely, elbow hitting the hard wood.

                Darren hissed in pain and just gave up, releasing his limbs and letting them rest along the cool floor. He winced in pain again, rubbing his morning-stubble-surrounded mouth when it hit him.


                He groaned, turning over and muffling his sounds with the pillow. A wet dream, a hangover, and then the recollection of terribly embarrassing memories from the night before. This was just not his morning. What was he thinking? He’d kissed her. He’d kissed her and now there was absolutely no turning back. This wasn’t some flirty little interview, the cameras weren’t rolling on set, no one had dared him to do anything. He would be held completely accountable for his actions.

                But she’d kissed him back.

                She kissed him back, and those sounds she made…god, those moans. He shifted against the wood awkwardly, his own morning wood pressing painfully against the floor. His hand crept below his torso, snaking down to his-no. He wasn’t going to get off to thoughts of Dianna moaning, whimpering as she writhed beneath him and screamed his na-no. Stop it.

                It’s not like he’d never jacked off to the thought of her before. That he’d done more times than he could count. Now that he’d kissed her like that, and she’s kissed him back…he just felt like an asshole.

                He lazily lifted his arm up, grabbing for his cell phone on the night stand, knocking over books and papers in the process. He needed Naya.

                He scrolled through his contacts, looking for the one named ‘Tasty Bitch’ He knew better now, after letting her ‘borrow’ his cell to ‘make a call’ last November, than to ever let her touch his phone again.

                It rang a few times before she picked up with a, “Morning, Sunshine.”


                “Mmm,” Darren could tell she was smiling. “You know it’s three in the afternoon right?”


                “Yeah, I know. We’re all hung over. You should see Jenna  right now, she’s a mess. “


                “Yes. Now let’s get down to business. You did the nasty with Dianna last night, as I recall.”

                Darren rolled his eyes into the pillow. “Naya, we didn’t have sex.”

                “You may as well have.”

                “Oh, come on!” Darren said exasperatedly, “It really wasn’t that-“

                “Darren, honey. I wish you could have seen yourself. I think we both know where that was going.”

                Darren groaned miserably, “Has she-“

                “Said anything to me? No. But she will.”

                This woke Darren up, “And will you-“

                “Tell you? No.”

                Darren whined into the speaker, “But-“

                “But nothing, Darren!” Naya shouted disapprovingly, though obviously amused, “I can’t do that! She’s my best friend, too.”

                “Well…then can you just-“

                “Keep an eye out for you? Discreetly help you out here and there? Put in a good word for you? Yes.”

                There was silence.

                “You know, it’s really creepy when you do that.”

                “Shhh, honey, go back to bed.” Naya cooed, before adding, “Do you want me to swing by and make you some breakfast? I’m free today and you don’t seem to be in any state to be handling a stove.”

                Darren thought about it. “Nah, I’m sure Joey-“

                “Great. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” Darren looked at the screen. ‘Call Ended.’


                “Is someone at the door?” Joey asked, picking up his breakfast dishes and moving towards the sink, “I think I heard a knock…”

                Darren dropped the blanket from around his shoulders and rubbed at his eyes beneath his glasses again. He was up and out of bed, but he still wasn’t awake awake. “Oh, I think that’s…”

                The doorknob clicked and door swung open, revealing Naya shaking her head at him disapprovingly. “God, you look awful.”

                “Oh, hey, thanks.” Darren said sarcastically as she brushed past him to hang her coat up, and then narrowed his eyes at her. “Hey, how did you-?”

                Naya turned to him and rolled her eyes, “You keep the key on top of the doorway? Really? That’s safe…”

                Darren rolled his eyes. He should have known.

                “Is J here?” She asked ducking into the kitchen only to see him standing in front of the sink, washing his breakfast dishes in an apron. Naya crept up behind him and slapped in ass hard, grinning. “Hey, hot stuff.”

                Joey jolted upwards, dropping the silverware in his hand with a clatter, then relaxing as he felt Naya’s arms wrap around his skinny waist and her cheek against his back. He smiled warmly over his shoulder. “Tasty bitch,” he said in acknowledgement.

                Naya chuckled at the name, “Hmm, looks like I’m not the only one who’s been creepin’ through his phone.”

                Darren threw his hands up in the air in disbelief, smiling nonetheless. “So…” He looked up at her hopefully, “breakfast?”

                Naya just smiled.


                About forty five minutes later and the Darren was on the kitchen floor, staring up at the ceiling and grinning like an idiot, “God, that was the best frickin’ rice omelet I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming.”

                “Yeah,” Joey agreed, sitting backwards on a chair nest to Darren and resting his chin on the back of the chair, smiling dreamily, “and I was already full, too. Say, where did you learn how to make breakfast burritos like that?”

                Naya sighed, smiling proudly. She leaned her chin on her hands as she lay across the kitchen counter, looking up and down at the both of them affectionately, “Jeez, you guys are so easily pleased. Now, let’s talk about the…situation at hand.”

                Joey blinked. “Whaddaya mean?”

                “Our little Darren here’s having girl troubles.”

                Joey looked down at Darren with wide eyes, gasping exaggeratedly, “Is he, now?”

                Darren groaned, covering his eyes with his palms. Naya nodded knowingly, “Mmm, Dianna. Poor boy doesn’t even know what to do with himself.”

                “You guys,” he whined, opening his eyes and looking up at both of them, “what the hell am I supposed to do? I freakin’ kissed her. I kissed her. I kissed her and…god, now I’m stuck.”

                “You’re so strange.” Naya narrowed her eyes down at him, “When it comes to girls you’re usually so much smoother than any of the other guys, Kevin and Cory included!”

                “Oh, and you should have seen him back at college.” Joey added. Naya raised her eyebrows at this.


                Joey widened his eyes, “I wish you could have been there to see this guy in action. Puddles. Girls were reduced to puddles after talking to him. And guys! Swooning everywhere.  Apparently they dig the whole ‘goofy-goober’ thing.”

                Darren rolled his eyes and threw him a ‘bitch, please’ look. Naya smiled to herself. She found it incredibly amusing that Darren didn’t even know. Didn’t know how rare he was. Didn’t know how amazing of a person he truly was. Hell, she didn’t even think he knew how undeniably sexy he was. Neither did Dianna, and that was the problem.

                “Joey, don’t you think you’re being just a little bit overdramatic?” Darren rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands and Joey threw Naya a quick ‘no’ look. She had to stifle her laughter.

                “No, but she’s…man, she’s different. She’s…everything.” He said simply, hands still over his eyes.

                Naya smiled tenderly down at him, “What is it that you like about her?”

                “Oh-god, what’s not to love?” Darren threw his hands up in frustration, then rested them above his head loosely, “She’s… her-you know that laugh that she does? The one where she throws her head back and smiles wider than you thought was physically possible? And her adorable need to be barefoot whenever she is given the chance,” Darren smiled distantly, as if remembering something particularly funny, “Her Old-Hollywood glamour,” he looked at Joey this time, “You know I’m a sucker for that. And, holy shit, her voice!”

                “And the way she-her modesty! That’s fucking rare, you know. In Hollywood?! I mean, man, just forget it. No one else like her. But then when she does show a little leg or something, or her neckline cuts deep…” he trailed off, head turning to the side to avert his gaze and hand slowly moving down to cover his mouth. He was blushing.

                “…Damn, Darren.”

                “And then there’s…Naya, do you remember watching the first episode of this season together over lunch break?” He looked at her helplessly, “Back when Quinn had to dress up like a punk? With that pink hair and those…” he muttered the next part, looking away, “Jesus Christ, those piercings and tattoos…?”

                Then he looked back up at them desperately. “That…that fucking killed me. I remember I had to rush outta there the second it was over and…” he stopped abruptly and cleared his throat awkwardly, “ahem, take care of some things…”

                Naya burst out laughing and pointed at his face, “I remember that! Chris gave me a ‘what-the-fuck’ look!”

                Darren frowned, then pouted, “Shut up! Don’t make fun of me.” He looked at Joey for some support but all he got was a look that was for too amused for his own good.

                “That…is when it all really hit me. How much I really…wanted her, I mean.” He said, shaking his head, dazed.

                “Yeah, it’s funny how turned on you got by the ‘punk-Quinn’ when you’re so into Dianna for her personality.” Naya giggled into her palm.

                “Well, Dianna turns me on all the time! I mean, have you seen her on the red carpet? She’s fucking gorgeous! Those legs…sexy as all hell…and when her hair is all messy and-fuck…” He muttered into his hand, ears turning a light pink.

                “Yeah,” Naya grinned devilishly, “and it’s always the quiet ones that are the complete animals in bed.”

                Joey snorted and Darren groaned loudly, turning over to lay his stomach on the hardwood floor, “Naya, why would you go and say that?” his face was smushed against the hard floor but at least he could hide the ridiculously large bulge in his pants from view.

                “You know what you need to do?” This time it was Joey who spoke.

                “What?” Darren jumped up a little, looking hopeful.

                “Break the situation down. Duh.” He rolled his eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Invite her over for dinner and a movie. Cook.”

                “Yup, girls love that.” Naya pointed out, nodding.

                “Dar,” Joey said, looking down at him expectantly, “You’re the most charming motherfucker I’ve ever met. Charm her!”

                “But I’m a mess around her now!”

                “Just…” Naya pursed her lips, deep in thought. Suddenly she jolted and looked at him, “Hey, by the way, can I borrow your phone? Left mine in the car.”

                “Oh, sure.” Darren fished his phone out of his pocket and handed it to her, unlocking it first.

                She took it and thanked him, typing away quickly on the screen. He looked ad Joey, visibly distraught, “But what if she doesn’t want to after last night? Won’t it be awkward?”

                “Thanks.” Naya said, slipping his iPhone onto his back. He hummed in reply.

                “Naah, I don’t think-” but Joey was cut off by Darren’s phone beeping. He grabbed it to see who was calling, but it was a text. From Dianna.

                “She texted me.”

                Joey jumped, leaning over his shoulder, “Well, what does it say?!”

                Naya bit her lip, hopping off of the counter and crouching down beside him. “Well?”

                Darren paused after reading the message, his face twisting into confusion, “Is six okay?”

                Joey looked perplexed while tried to fight a smile that was desperately trying to break free. Darren furrowed his eyebrows together, “I don’t…hey, wait.”

                “What?” Joey asked, anxious.

                “I didn’t type that.”

                “Type what?!”

                Darren’s eyes widened as he hit realization and looked at Naya, horrified, “WINKY-FACE?!”

                Naya burst into a fit of laughter, dodging Darren’s hand as it swung to grab her leg, and she quickly scurried away and into the living room, ducking behind the couch. Darren jumped to his feet ungracefully and bolted after her, shouting empty threats and desperately trying to catch her.

                Joey, still confused, picked up the cell phone and slowly read the contents of the phone. Then he read it again. He cracked a grin, admiration swelling for the ballsy girl currently evading his roommate in their living room. He dropped the phone on the counter and ran to the living room, dodging under Darren’s arms and attempting to give her a high-five.

                One the bright screen read: ‘Hey, wanna chill tomorrow at my place and watch a movie? I’ll cook dinner ;)


I’ve written part 4, currently working on part 5. This one too me so frickin’ long to actually start because nothing would come to me! I literally pulled this one out of my ass, I hope it doesn’t show! D:

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